How to earn money from listeners as a podcaster with Podbean

How to earn money from listeners as a podcaster with Podbean

Are you ready to turn your podcasting passion into a little profit… and to set up a modern tipping jar? We're excited to share that you can turn your podcasting passion into profit! With Podbean, you can actually receive direct payments from your devoted listeners. Podcasting 2.0 allows you to start earning right from your very first listener and even engage in direct conversations with your audience. 

What is Podcasting 2.0 and Value 4 Value?

Podcasting 2.0 is a movement fueled by the collaboration of podcast hosting providers, innovative developers, and podcasting enthusiasts to enhance the potential of podcasting with innovative features.

The influence of Podcasting 2.0 on the podcasting landscape has already been substantial. One of the most widely embraced features is the Value 4 Value tag, enabling listeners to show their appreciation by streaming value in exchange for the content they love.

This innovation has empowered podcasters to earn payments right from listeners in the form of one-time payments, or literally a continuous stream of support with micropayments per minute. Another powerful feature are so-called “boostagrams” which allow listeners to send a message along with a payment creating a direct interaction channel with your audience to foster a community around you and your podcast. 

Why embrace Value 4 Value?

Joining Podcasting 2.0 isn't just a trend; it's a game-changer. It unlocks new revenue streams by allowing you to earn from your very first listener and to foster deeper audience engagement through direct communication channel via boostagrams. By embracing Podcasting 2.0, you stay ahead of innovation happening in the ecosystem and become part of an extremely collaborative community.

But V4V is not just another monetization model it is more than that. Listeners are able to actively support your content which may lead to closer connection between you as the content creator and your consumers. New options open new possibilities - who knows how far podcasting can go with us adopting future innovations.

These Podcasting 2.0 or Value4Value podcast episodes are a great way to learn from fellow podcasters.

How to get started as a podcaster on Podbean

Here's your step-by-step guide to getting started as a Podbean podcaster and activating the Value 4 Value model:

  1. Create Account at Podbean and set up your own podcast, if you haven’t done that already
  2. Navigate to ‘Settings’ and ‘Plugins’
  1. Define the Value Element with Type ‘lightning’ and Method ‘keysend’
  1. Define the Value Recipient Element with your own Name and Type ‘node’. 
  1. To fill out the remaining fields you need a wallet to receive the payment from your listeners. Alby provides you with a dedicated podcaster wallet. Your Address, Custom Key and Custom Value data are available in the ‘Wallet’ view of your Alby dashboard
  1. Want to share your earnings with a colleague, guest, or service provider? Just specify the share in the ‘Split’ field. Here 80% of all the payments go to Moritz

20% would go to another recipient, which you can define by clicking on 'New Recipient Element.'

  1. Congrats! Click 'Save changes,' and you're all set to start receiving tips from your listeners.
  1. Don't forget to encourage your listeners to show their appreciation by supporting you with a token of value such as bitcoin. As with every new feature it is important to explain the concept and recommend using Podcasting 2.0 apps which allow them to financially support you. But most importantly, reach out directly to your listeners with a compelling message.  Take a look at Kyrin’s dedicated “Support” page for the Mere Mortals and Value 4 Value podcast as a great example. 

Join the movement

Join the community of over 18,600 Value 4 Value podcasts already making their mark! If you got stuck on the way or have any questions about it, let us know. We are happy to assist!