Invite-Only Alby Accounts: A Step Towards Focused Innovation

Invite-Only Alby Accounts: A Step Towards Focused Innovation

The bitcoin ecosystem is growing quickly. The surge in interest from new users and the development of new apps surpass our initial expectations. This momentum is incredibly exciting and bodes well for a flourishing bitcoin app ecosystem.

To deliver on our value proposition for our current users and partners, Alby is currently invite-only. New users need an invite code to sign up for an account. The Alby browser extension is available to everybody without restrictions as before.

Early stages

Just like safeguarding a fragile treasure, building a startup demands caution similar to protecting a delicate artwork. Imagine placing a sculpture in a bustling gallery—would you allow everyone to handle it carelessly? Certainly not. Similarly, a growing product startup is like a masterpiece in its early stages, highly dependent on outside influence.

Much like protecting a precious artwork from potential damage, it's imperative to restrict exposure and keep working with selected users. Interacting closely with a community fosters growth and resilience before facing the harsh scrutiny of the market. 

Listen, iterate, deliver quality more than ever

Our job at Alby is to keep listening to each and every thing our users say. The more we listen, the more we will be able to narrow down whether the product solves a real problem for the community. We are always open for suggestions but we cannot please everyone on our way to become your trusted companion for interacting with bitcoin on the web.  

So far we have done a great job catering to all bitcoin web apps with the Alby extension, to the podcaster community with our APIs, to Nostr apps with Nostr Wallet Connect etc. This has led to fast growth and many more new users of bitcoin. Now, it is time to take one step back, in order to preserve this speed. We want to make sure to work closely with our users and be able to iterate quickly. Avoiding distraction helps us to focus on our vision delivering 100% satisfaction for almost 100% of our users. Introducing invite codes for signups helps us to selectively onboard new users.    

Keep using Alby

But no worries, the Alby browser extension remains available to everybody without restrictions as before. Everybody can connect their own bitcoin lightning wallet or node and discover the world of bitcoin apps. 

We also keep serving all our existing users and partners that have been trusting us from the beginning. Don’t be surprised if you’ll see improvements and new features soon. 

How to get an invite code?

Invite codes are handed out to users and partners which share the same vision and support us on building Alby. Please leave your email address here.

Just as an art collector wouldn't display their artwork to the public without prior preservation, we need to cultivate our strength and raise the little bee step by step.