Lighting Bridge implements WebLN

Lighting Bridge implements WebLN


  • Lighting Bridge allows swapping altcoins to bitcoin using the Alby Browser Extension.
  • Lighting Bridge's implementation of WebLN eases the process for users considerably.

The need for a better onramp to bitcoin

The user experience of onboarding onto bitcoin can be improved. Currently, the process may involve multiple steps, including creating accounts on exchanges, verifying identities, linking bank accounts, and navigating complex trading interfaces.

The availability of more onramps will streamline this process and make it more accessible to a wider range of people, including those who are already familiar with the technical jargon or have prior experience with other cryptocurrencies.

Cross currency swaps with Lightning Bridge

Lightning Bridge has built an onramp service allowing for a lightning-fast conversion of altcoins to bitcoin. Users can convert altcoins to bitcoin quickly using Lightning Bridge and WebLN wallets like Alby. Minimum transaction amounts are $1 USD. Users can execute swaps within a few minutes as Lightning Bridge promises to be significantly faster than other swap services

How it Works

1. Connect compatible wallets (a WebLN wallet like the Alby Browser Extension and an altcoin wallet like MetaMask)
2. Configure "SEND" token and network.
3. Select the amount to swap
4. Create an account or log in to Lightning Bridge
5. "CONFIRM" on Lightning Bridge and the connected wallet

Improved user experience with WebLN

Lightning Bridge uses the Lightning Web Standard (WebLN) to ease the process of coin swaps and to send or receive bitcoin on the lightning network. WebLN is a set of specifications for lightning apps and client providers to facilitate communication between web apps and users' lightning wallets in a secure way. LightningBridge showcases how programmatic interactions between wallets and websites can improve the user experience. No copying and pasting of invoices, QR code scanning, or switching to a mobile phone. Just a few lines of JavaScript to send a payment and request an invoice make apps more secure and convenient to use.

Ecosystem-wide benefits

Better on-ramps to bitcoin improve accessibility and user experience. Lightning Bridge shows how to accomplish that by implementing an open standard that lets users interact without switching contexts (i.e. switching apps).
Every additional onramp service helps to broaden the adoption of bitcoin, makes it more inclusive and propels the activity of bitcoin apps that rely on the availability of sats flowing through them.

Do you want to build a lightning web app yourself? Check out the WebLN guide or contact us to discuss your idea.