Native Zapping in Amethyst

Native Zapping in Amethyst

The need for a Nostr-native payment interface for mobile apps

Compared to their web counterparts, mobile Nostr apps, which do not provide a wallet natively lack a seamless payment experience. Web apps like Iris, Snort, or Astral implement WebLN, a standard that allows programmatic payments between users. Together with the Alby browser extension users enjoy a 1-click payment experience on Nostr thanks to features like storing Nostr private keys and setting payment budgets.

Thus apps implementing WebLN benefit from frictionless payment flows. However, native mobile apps lack this experience. That’s why these apps follow two approaches. Either they build in their own lightning wallet and have to convince users to trust their wallet or they let users choose their own wallet but require them to leave the app and open the wallet for the payment. That breaks the flow and increases friction.

Enter Nostr Wallet Connect

What if users could choose their wallet and enjoy native payments directly in the app? Nostr Wallet Connect (NWC) makes that possible. NWC allows users to pair any wallet and pay natively in any Nostr app. Users don’t have to switch contexts anymore and open another app. The exchange of payment information (e.g. the Lightning invoice and payment receipt) happens over the Nostr protocol.

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Unstoppable zapping for users

Zaps, lightning payments on Nostr, are incredibly popular. Users send several thousands of payments every day to each other. Now, NWC removes the last hurdles. Unstoppable zapping for users will be the consequence. It has never been easier to send and receive real value within apps in a peer-2-peer manner.

Furthermore, users can bring their own wallet to their Nostr app, a feature that existing Alby users already enjoy today. Thanks to the Alby Wallet API they can plugin their wallet into many other apps.

Easy implementation for developers

NWC is an open protocol enabling applications to interact with bitcoin lightning wallets. A client and a NWC service send encrypted messages with custom kinds to each other, using a relay of choice. Alby provides its own private relay by default to ensure the privacy of payments. Overall building on the design principles of Nostr facilitates the implementation by clients.

Have a look at the Alby SDK to get started quickly and integrate NWC into any JavaScript-based application.

Seamless payments spur economic activity

Nostr Wallet Connect means frictionless payments for users and at the same time respecting individual wallet preferences. Historically, user-centric financial innovation goes along with increased economic activity. Credit cards and mobile payments are examples. This is the ground where innovation thrives and an explosion of micro apps happens. The combination of a decentral communication protocol with a decentral payment protocol natively embedded is incredibly powerful. What are you waiting for? Come and join us on Nostr!

If you have feedback and questions about Nostr Wallet Connect or need help implementing payments into your Nostr app, let us know.