No-Code + AI + Bitcoin: The Ultimate Trio for Future Workflows

No-Code + AI + Bitcoin:  The Ultimate Trio for Future Workflows

Get an inside look at how L402 Bitcoin/Lightning payments can be processed through the no-code workflow tool, using AI tools such as ChatGPT.


• No-code automation tools connect web services and cut repetitive tasks

• Bitcoin/Lightning enables instant, global, and micro payments for automation
services, especially when open-source LLMs become dominant in use

• Get a glimpse how a L402 lightning payment can be processed via the
community using ChatGPT

Why no-code automation, AI, and Bitcoin payments will become a melting pot?

Have you ever found yourself buried in repetitive but slightly different tasks, or wished for a way to seamlessly connect your favorite web services with just enough flexibility to get the job done? With no-code automation tools like n8n or Zapier, things just got a lot easier. These platforms offer intuitive drag-and-drop interfaces that make it super easy for even non-techies to create powerful automation workflows. Want to get an email notification every time someone mentions your brand on social media? Done. Want to automatically save email attachments to your cloud storage? Piece of cake! The possibilities are endless, and the best part? Most of them require no coding skills at all. So far so good.

Since AI services like ChatGPT have been coupled with no-code automation, output has accelerated in terms of speed and volume. It started with static prompt use cases like transcriptions, translations, summaries, or code improvements, but AI services are about to emerge to analyze CRM data and suggest personalized marketing campaigns for different customer segments. A few months later AI-powered chatbots handle customer support requests or chat with your data use cases are getting better and better, to name a few.

As open source large language models (LLMs) become more widely adopted, the opportunity will arise to pay for this type of on-demand service with a digital bearer instrument like Bitcoin/Lightning. A number of factors are driving this trend.

The need to protect user data input or queries from being traced. A younger generation of users growing up with crypto experience, or simply some potential users who do not have access to credit cards. Businesses are not limited to the geographic landscape supported by their Payment Service Provider, nor to the many different payment systems that different customer groups are accustomed to. Chargeback risks and 30 day retroactive billing seem very outdated in an increasingly fluid and instant world. Shout out to all the billing setups of SaaS companies, the pulse will change in the future.

Experience this future idea already today?

You're welcome - check out this little demo to get a sense of how a no-code workflow works with a lightning payment for ChatGPT.

The idea

Scrape the text of a given web page and let ChatGPT summarize the text and publish the result to a specific Slack channel. We used the platform to create this workflow.

The setup

  • Used no-code platform to drag and drop and execute the workflow
  • Added the freshly built ‘L402 Request node’ into the workflow
  • Connected Alby Noster Wallet Connect to execute the lightning payment
  • Paid a ChatGPT prompt from Alby to Matador - using the bitcoin-powered passthrough server that accepts Lightning payments
  • Push the ChatGPT result into a specific Slack channel


With the growing adoption of lightning-fast transaction capabilities, the world of automation could take another giant leap forward for atomic payments. Service workflows that compare quotes from different AI services will optimize for the best possible return on the amount you are willing to spend. For sure we will see marketplaces or fully automated workflows that handles, compares and submit quotes for purely digital services.

Taking this idea a step further, it would be a great incentive for developers to create and publish workflows that bring all these systems together. Creators or builders of workflows could automatically earn a cut every time their workflow is used or executed by any user anywhere in the world.

This is the future of monetizing AI services. We have the tools at hand. Join the movement, build your own app or reach out to us for any questions related to bitcoin and the lightning network. 🌐⚡

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