Nostr Wallet Connect Comes to Umbrel

Nostr Wallet Connect Comes to Umbrel

Written by Pedrodelacadena

Our new addition to the Nostr ecosystem, Nostr Wallet Connect (NWC) is aiming at being the unifying standard for wallet-app connections. Built on the Nostr protocol and leveraging bitcoin’s lightning network, it will aid developers in their coding and integrations, and allow users to send and receive payments directly in apps with their preferred lightning wallet.  

Unlock Umbrel’s operating system with Alby

We are extremely excited to announce a new Umbrel app that is based on NWC. Umbrel is one of the most complete bitcoin node operating systems on the market and offers a wide variety of apps suitable for users of all levels and interests.

However, when it comes to the bitcoin experience – and especially with Layer 2 solutions – there is a clear need for products that don’t force users to register a number of different wallets for each occasion, nor create friction for developers looking to easily integrate bitcoin lightning wallets.

Use NWC to connect Umbrel easily to apps

With Nostr Wallet Connect, users will be able to connect their Umbrel node to any and all apps that support NWC (such as Amethyst), and unlock a bundle of different use cases. Whether you want to use it for Value 4 Value content, tipping sats, or requesting payments via the lightning network, at Alby we have you covered.

By using Alby and specifically NWC, users will be able to pair their Umbrel node to any app and operate in a seamless and sovereign way. No more jumping from one app to the other, constantly scanning QR codes, or giving up your privacy by using third-party nodes. Install the Nostr Wallet Connect app on your Umbrel, connect it to an app and enjoy non-custodial one-click payments in any app.

How to connect your Umbrel node:

  • Add the Alby App store as a community Umbrel app store by clicking the button in the top right corner in the Umbrel app store.
  • Install the Nostr Wallet Connect app from the Alby App Store.
  • Create a session, give it a name and reveal the secret QR code.
  • Connect Amethyst: In Amethyst, long press the Zap icon and scan the QR code that you generated in the previous step by clicking on the little QR code icon.
  • Save the wallet configuration in Amethyst and start zapping directly from your own node.

Interoperability matters for the future of bitcoin

Combining Nostr Wallet Connect with the Umbrel operating system is bringing interoperability within the Bitcoin ecosystem to the next level. We want to make it easier for users to connect protocols to apps, and for developers to integrate different ecosystems within the bitcoin economy.

We are committed to ushering in a new era of bitcoin-related platforms and protocols, so get ready to make use – at lightning speed – of Nostr Wallet Connect with Umbrel.

If you have any questions or are looking to implement NWC yourself, feel free to reach out.