Seamless Zaps in Nostur with Alby and NWC

Seamless Zaps in Nostur with Alby and NWC

Effortless Payments

Mobile applications without built-in wallets lack a smooth payment experience in comparison to their web counterparts. However, web applications such as Primal, Iris, or Snort have implemented WebLN, a standard that facilitates automated payments between users. The Alby Browser Extension serves as your trusted tool for sending and receiving payments, as well as conveniently logging into web apps. By setting a payment budget, you maintain control over your expenses and make 1-click purchases without exceeding your limits. With features like securely storing Nostr private keys and utilizing your Alby lightning address as your NIP-05 identifier, Alby becomes your gateway to Nostr apps.

Consequently, applications that integrate WebLN enjoy seamless payment processes in a p2p manner, directly between sender and receiver. Whereas native mobile apps lack this level of convenience: These apps face the challenge of either persuading users to trust their own built-in lightning wallet and deposit funds, or users have to opt for their preferred wallet app but are then compelled to leave the app and open the wallet separately for making payments. This context change disrupts the user experience and creates additional obstacles in the payment flow.

Nostr Wallet Connect with Alby

Alby introduces bitcoin payments to all types of applications, not just limited to web-based ones. Although using Alby Accounts with the Alby browser extension is ideal for bitcoin apps on the web, its functionality extends beyond that scope. Alby seamlessly integrates with mobile apps as well, allowing you to effortlessly connect your Alby account and enjoy a smooth app experience. After all, we want to enjoy using apps without cumbersome payments. With the assistance of the Alby Wallet SDK, developers have tools to ensure frictionless payments of any size. Instant cross-border transfer of value for various transactions such as V4V payments, zapping, purchasing gift cards, receiving cashback, and many more are now possible.

The introduction of Nostr Wallet Connect (NWC), an open standard pioneered by Alby, makes wallet-to-app connections even easier. With NWC, users can effortlessly link any lightning wallet and make native payments within Nostr apps. This eliminates the need for users to switch between different contexts or open separate apps solely for sending payments. NWC adheres to an open specification (NIP-47) and permits users to connect their personal lightning node (e.g. Umbrel). The exchange of payment information, such as Lightning invoices and payment receipts, occurs securely through the Nostr protocol. Alby is the first to bring this #1tapzap experience to Nostur.

How to win the next #zapathon with Nostur and Alby

  1. Open the menu in Nostur and click on ‘Settings’
  2. Scroll to ‘Zapping’ and use the Wallet Selector to choose ‘Alby (Nostr Wallet Connect)’
  3. Go through the wallet connect flow in Alby. You are automatically directed back to Nostur

That’s it. You are ready for the next #zapathon with one-click payments. On top you received an Alby lightning address which is automatically added to your Nostr profile by Nostur if you haven't added one yet.
We also wrote an in-depth guide to get you started here.

What’s next as an app or wallet developer

The prosperity of such applications relies heavily on seamless payment processes to maintain high conversion rates and user engagement. With the assistance of NWC and Alby, payment flows are greatly simplified for various purposes, including direct e-commerce, peer-to-peer marketplaces, fundraising, and of course Zapping (i.e. sending p2p payments on Nostr apps).

If you're considering implementing NWC in your own app, feel free to explore the Alby JavaScript SDK. Additionally, if you're building a wallet and wish to join the #zapparty, please reach out. We are eager to provide assistance and contribute to the overall success of the network.