Send Bitcoin to Publishers on their Websites with Alby

At Alby, we’ve built a platform that enables applications to thrive while using the TCP/IP protocol technologies. So now, value can be communicated to a website from the consumer to the publisher, directly.

Send Bitcoin to Publishers on their Websites with Alby

The internet today runs on the TCP/IP protocol layer. Our favourite websites are built on top of it - innovating and building in a scalable and fast manner. Similarly, with the growing adoption of Bitcoin, the way we exchange value is also changing. The decentralised and global nature of Bitcoin makes it a reliable value protocol layer. Unfortunately, though, building applications on the Bitcoin protocol requires understanding this new complex protocol. This lack of familiarity hinders the building of applications.

But at Alby, we’ve built a platform that enables these applications to thrive while using the TCP/IP protocol technologies. With Alby, value can be communicated over the web from the consumer to the creator, directly.

In this edition of our Value 4 Value series, we explain how you can use Alby to send Bitcoin to a creator on their website itself. Check out the video -

Step 1: Visit the website you want to send Bitcoin to

  • When Alby detects the Lightning Address from the website's metatag, it will wake up and open its eyes.

Here, has put their Lightning Address in the website’s HTML.

Step 2: Click on the Alby extension

Your wallet will drop down with the website and the list of your recent transactions.

Step 3: Click on ‘Send Satoshis’

The details of who you’re sending the payment to will appear

  • Choose the amount for the number of sats you want to send
  • You can leave your name, email or comment, if you see those options.* Comments can be a great way to share your appreciation, initiate conversation or leave your personal info should you wish to be contacted by the receiver.

Step 4: Click on ‘Confirm’

Abracadabra. Sent! That is all one needs to do to exchange value online directly, thanks to the enablement layer on the Bitcoin protocol!

Check out how you can send sats on various social media platforms. Remember, like email addresses, Lightning Addresses are interoperable which is why it worked here for the ‘’. You can get one from Alby or any of these services that support it. Click here to know where else can you use the Alby Lightning Address.

*You won't see these options in all cases as that depends on whether the wallet or service you are using has implemented the LNURL spec. Different wallets and services may implement different sets of protocols since these are optional. However, they maintain compatibility with each other except when a service requires a new functionality.