Value 4 Value on PeerTube – an open-source video streaming platform

Value 4 Value on PeerTube – an open-source video streaming platform


  • Use lightning on PeerTube, an open source video streaming platform
  • Don’s lightning plugin makes Value 4 Value easy for all PeerTube admins to use.
  • Alby users can easily login with Alby or donate with lightning on enabled channels

What is PeerTube?

An alternative to major big tech video platforms. It is developed and maintained by a French non-profit organization and a tool for sharing videos online. In total there are more than +600,000 videos on over 1,000 instances.

Why PeerTube matters?

PeerTube allows any creator to build up their own video platform in complete independence. The system is leveraging the Activity Pub protocol so all individual instances can be both autonomous but also interconnected. It’s fully open source therefore the content belongs to the creators and not to any big cooperation in the background like Google (in the case of YouTube) or to Vivendi/Bolloré (in the case of Dailymotion).

How is PeerTube funded?

Framasoft the company that builds PeerTube is a public interest organization where over 90% of the funding comes from donations. With the abundance of user tracking and an advertising backed business model the demand for donations is high. Not only for PeerTube in general, but also for the creators that share their videos. This is where Value 4 Value and the lightning network finds its way to PeerTube.

Why bitcoin payments over the lightning network matter
for PeerTube?

Lightning payment network

PeerTube video platform

• Open-source payment network

• Open-source video streaming service

• Direct peer2peer payments

• Freedom to operate and publish videos

• Censorship resistant private payments

• Less centralized platform rules

• Accessible for everyone globally

• Accessible video content worldwide


By their very nature, both systems support each other perfectly. Users can use any bitcoin lightning wallet and are no longer tied to a specific wallet or third-party provider. This new flexibility to transact on the same protocol layer makes it easier to bring creators and fans together on a global scale. Remember the example of an email exchange between two parties. Email does not force the sender and recipient to use the same email application (Outlook, Gmail, or the like), which allows for much more flexible interaction. Although it is still early days for lightning - these open characteristics will inevitably drive adoption and use.

Options for PeerTube creators earning sats

If you want to earn sats with your videos, then publish your content on a PeerTube lightning enabled instance. We have not found a comprehensive directory yet, but drop us a line and we will update this article in the future. A starting point to create your own channel might be here.

Options for Alby users

Check out a lightning enabled PeerTube instance for example this one. There you have two options to fund the video creators:

• One time boosts with sats
• Stream sats per minute

Boosts or stream sats to your favorite creators on PeerTube

4 simple steps for PeerTube hosts to get started

Allow your creators to earn donations directly from their audience. The best: You as a host decide how much you benefit from each audience transaction. All you need to do is to integrate the plugin that was built by Don a PeerTube host himself. Check it out.

1.  Register a lightning address with Alby in case you don’t have one yet
2.  Install the lightning plug-in in your PeerTube instance
3.  Set a cut that your instance gets from each donation
4.  Inform your creators about the new lightning Boost functionality

Enjoy the work of creators worldwide and give back in case their content matters to you.

Likes are nice - sats are real value.

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