#1tapzaps in Damus with Alby

#1tapzaps in Damus with Alby

Enjoy frictionless payments

Compared to their web counterparts, mobile apps, which do not provide a wallet natively lack a seamless payment experience. Web apps like Primal, Iris or Snort, implement WebLN, a standard that enables programmatic payments between users. The Alby browser extension is your companion to send and receive payments and conveniently log into apps on the web. Setting a payment budget allows you to have everything under control and spend with 1-click but not overspend. Thanks to features like storing Nostr private keys or using your Alby lightning address as your NIP-05 identifier Alby becomes your gateway for Nostr apps, too.

Thus apps implementing WebLN benefit from frictionless payment flows. However, native mobile apps lack this experience. Either they have their own built-in lightning wallet and have to convince users to trust their wallet and deposit funds or users choose their own wallet app but are required to leave the app and open the wallet for the payment. That breaks the flow and increases friction.

Noster Wallet Connect with Alby

Alby brings bitcoin payments to any app. While it is great to use Alby with the browser extension for bitcoin apps on the web, its capabilities extend beyond that. Alby can be equally seamlessly utilized within the realm of mobile apps. Just plug-in your Alby account and enjoy a frictional app experience. Alby takes care that value is transferred instantly across borders for V4V payments, zapping, buying gift cards, receiving cashback, etc. thanks to the Alby Wallet SDK.

Nostr Wallet Connect (NWC) makes that possible. NWC allows users to pair any lightning wallet and pay natively in Nostr apps. Users don’t have to switch contexts anymore and open another app to send a payment. It follows an open spec (NIP-47) and allows users to connect their own lightning node (e.g. this is how it works with Umbrel). The exchange of payment information (e.g. the Lightning invoice and payment receipt) happens over the Nostr protocol. Alby is the first to bring this #1tapzap experience to Damus.

How to join the #1tapzap party

  1. Click on ‘Wallet’ in the Damus menu. You’ll find it behind your avatar icon.
  2. Click on ‘Attach Alby Wallet’
  3. Log in or create an account and confirm’ the connection to Damus
  4. You are redirected to Damus and can finish by clicking on ‘Attach’

That’s it. Don’t forget to support the development of Damus and send them an additional share of each zap. Here is a screen recording of enabling #1tapzaps.

What’s next as app or wallet developer

Damus joins the ranks of early adopters like Amethyst and Snort by embracing this standard. Damus’ implementation goes beyond and takes a significant stride forward. Users can augment each payment with an extra amount, creating a new source of income to support its development.
The exchange of value, such as money, is crucial for the economic vitality of networks. Consequently, the success of Damus is now intricately tied to its community. When community members gain benefits, the application that empowers them also reaps rewards.
The success of such applications heavily depends on smooth payment flows to maintain high conversion rates and keep users engaged. NWC and Alby greatly simplify payment processes for various purposes, including direct e-commerce, peer-to-peer marketplaces, fundraising etc.

Are you looking into implementing NWC in your app yourself? Have a look at the Alby Java-Script SDK and if you are building a wallet and want to join the #zapparty, reach out. We are happy to help and make the network succeed as a whole.