Alby Buzz: Core Lightning node connector and Adopting Bitcoin

Alby Buzz: Core Lightning node connector and Adopting Bitcoin

Hello Alby Community!

Welcome to the tenth edition of Alby Buzz, where you find out about everything new at Alby, the lightning app ecosystem, and are the first to learn about what's coming next.

News from the bitcoin lightning app ecosystem

  • released LiquidOps a node management dashboard.
  • Amboss announced Magma Earn and Magma Connect, a marketplace to sell and buy lightning channels.
  • In collaboration with Peakshift, published Lightning Landscape, a directory of lightning projects and companies.
  • Nolooking released an app for Umbrel to open multiple lightning channels in a single transaction, using PayJoin.
  • Eclair 0.8.0 is out! This release adds official support for two lightning features: zero-conf channels and channel aliases. It also adds experimental support for dual-funding and preparatory work for Bolt 12 offers.
  • Crypto Garage opened and closed the first mainnet lightning channel embedding a Discrete Log Contract (DLC). Let´s see what effect this has on building new lightning apps.
  • Donate4.Fun browser extension is out - now with Twitter support.
  • StackerNews improved filtering and user analytics.
  • Cash App Enables Lightning Withdrawals & Deposits Using LDK.
  • Blixt Wallet is now available for MacOS and supports 9 new languages.

Legends of Lightning tournament finalists

The finalists of the Legends of Lightning tournament have been announced:

Global Adoption Track

Read more about the finalists here

The Africa Track

Read more about the finalists here.

Connect your Core Lightning Node to Alby

Alby has taken another step in becoming the app for the whole bitcoin community for everyday use on the web. By integrating other powerful tools on the lightning network, Alby continues to become even more functional. Now every Core Lightning user can easily connect its own node to Alby.

Alby Partnership Announcement: Disctopia

Alby is pleased to announce a new partnership with Disctopia; a streaming platform for creators covering music, podcasts, videos, audiobooks, and mobile apps for consumers. Alby is helping to bring Disctopia´s platform into the world of Value 4 Value by enabling bitcoin payment streaming.

Meet the Makers

Great conversations happened with:

Impressions from Adopting Bitcoin

Bitcoin on the web - the potential of the lightning network
Building your lightning app workshop
The Alby team at Adopting Bitcoin

That's it from the hive this month. For more, visit our website and follow Alby on Twitter. We love your feedback! Big or small, feature requests or bug reports, we read them all! Please visit the feedback board to help us out.