Alby Buzz: Don't miss out on hackathons

Alby Buzz: Don't miss out on hackathons

Hello, Alby Community

Welcome to the 21th edition of Alby Buzz, where you find out about everything new at Alby, the bitcoin and Nostr app ecosystem, and are the first to learn about what's coming next.

 What's happening in the bitcoin app ecosystem?

  • Taproot Assets, built by Lightning Labs, are now available on mainnet. 
  • Wen lightning in Relay? Now.
  • Triible launched a alpha version of their sports betting platform.
  • LDK no supports BOLT12 sending and receiving as an alpha feature.
  • Mutiny Wallet released AutoZaps for users to set up recurring payments. If you are a Alby users and want to schedule automatic recurring lightning payments, have a look at ZapPlanner.
  • Wavlake introduced Artist Splits. Creators can now share their income with up to 4 other artists on Wavlake. 
  • Zeus LN now comes with an own lightning node in the app. 
  • Minibits, a ecash wallet, is now interoperable with LNURL and supports withdrawals to lightning wallets.
  • BitBox, known as a hardware wallet, plans to support bitcoin lightning payments in their app.
  • Greenlight, a cloud based lightning node as a service, is now available for commercial use
  • THNDR released another game: Clinch a p2p wagering game where friends can challenge each other.
  • UMA, introduced by Lightspark, is a protocol on top of lightning addresses to exchange compliance data between wallets
  • NostrAssets had a successful mainnet launch of the Taproot Asset platform

New additions to the Alby Discover page:

  • is an open-source scheduling app, where meetings can be paid in bitcoin
  • allows you to create your agent based on open-source AI models
  • Stemstr is a pace for music creation, discovery and remix, powered by Nostr

What's happening in Nostraland?

  • Postr for Nostr allows you to share your WordPress post on Nostr.
  • Plebchain Radio is a radio show for plebs, by plebs.
  • dvm references is a reference implementation of a DVM (Data Vending Machine) backend.
  • Memestr is a the Nostr hub for memes.
  • Spring Browser is Nostr-focused browser app for Android.
  • Zapper and Replies are micro apps for zapping and viewing replies and reactions to events.
  • Nostter is a new twitter-like app on Nostr.
  • Swarmstr is your knowledge hub on Nostr.
  • If you can't decide which Nostr client to try next, have a look at this feature matrix.


Legends of Lightning Vol 2 started in October. Don't miss out on this opportunity. head over to and get to know the latest bitcoin projects or take part yourself.
Alby is supporting Legends of Lightning with a lot of sessions about building on bitcoin. For instance, Roland talks in this video how easy it is to power web apps with bitcoin.

Or have a look at this introduction to Alby tools, your collection of helpful building blocks and tools to develop Bitcoin Lightning web apps.

Alby is also a proud sponsor of the Satsconf hackathon taking place in São Paulo on 2-3 November. Check it out.

Get booked for your time in bitcoin

We are excited to launch an integration with, a fast growing platform for effortless appointment scheduling with more than 110,000 users worldwide. Whether you are a personal trainer, language tutor or a financial advisor - it is always a must to have a comfortable way of scheduling meetings and getting paid for them. By connecting your Alby account, you can minimize the risk of no-shows and ensure that you receive compensation for your valuable time in bitcoin.

Podcast Mirror - Podcasting 2.0 for everybody

Podcast Mirror supercharges your podcast RSS feed with Podcasting 2.0 features and Value 4 Value payments enabled by Alby. Podcast Mirror works with all of the podcast hosting services you’re familiar with and most importantly enables Podcasting 2.0 features such as Live, Medium or Value 4 Value (V4V).

v3.3.0 ✨Hidden Orion from Webb

What's new in the Alby Browser Extension:

  • Send and receive onchain bitcoin by signing with your Alby Master Key (You can try our demo wallet at This is possible with the new Alby window.webbtc provider API.
  • Improved control over site access by splitting permissions for different providers such as Nostr and WebLN - therefore you know exactly what functionality you are enabling for the site.
  • Improved Login with Lightning so now that if you don't have a master key yet, you'll be guided on how to set one up.
  • Improved UX for paying HOLD invoices, and added a new method to our extension APIs to check whether providers have been enabled in the past or not without having to launch a popup.
  • There are also many bug fixes and updated translations! 🚀

Where to meet the Alby team

That's what buzzed us this month. For more, visit our website and follow us on X and Nostr: npub1getal6ykt05fsz5nqu4uld09nfj3y3qxmv8crys4aeut53unfvlqr80nfm.

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