Get paid in bitcoin as a business with Zaprite and Alby

Get paid in bitcoin as a business with Zaprite and Alby

Zaprite offers professional invoicing and ecommerce services to small and medium-sized businesses. Combined with Alby users now enjoy seamless and lightning fast bitcoin payments. 

Zaprite for businesses

Zaprite is a software as a service that allows individuals and businesses to accept and manage bitcoin payments. Users can easily create invoices or payment links and choose from a variety of payment methods including: bitcoin onchain and over the lightning network or card. 

The software allows users to create tailored invoices and payment links and dispatch them to clients via email. 

The invoices contain real-time exchange rates and empower clients to seamlessly initiate Bitcoin transactions directly from the invoice. Zaprite also provides reporting to businesses and their customers to verify if payments have been made including the tools necessary for accounting and bookkeeping. This is particularly appealing to businesses who are required to track the fiat cost basis of each payment.

Zaprite and Alby make bitcoin payments easy

Zaprite allows businesses to retain control over their finances by connecting their preferred bitcoin wallet, while avoiding costly and time-consuming technical overheads.

Alby on the other side allows its users to connect their Alby account to a variety of apps by simple plug and play. Alby completely takes over the payment processing and takes care that users receive their funds instantly and reliably, a service highly appreciated by thousands of users and optimised in millions of transactions.  

Who could think of a better fit? Now you have the chance to send out invoices, get paid in bitcoin and use the funds seamlessly in other apps again. Of course if you prefer to withdraw bitcoin to a hardware wallet, Alby has you covered. Just connect your account to the Alby Browser Extension and enter the bitcoin address in the “Send” screen (demo video).

How To Connect Your Alby Wallet

Zaprite prepared a great guide on how you can connect your own Alby wallet to Zaprite to start accepting bitcoin payments over the lightning network. All you need is your Alby lightning address, which is available here.

Alby is your companion for bitcoin payments on the web. Together with Zaprite you can manage your invoices, share payment links and receive bitcoin payments for your professional services or sold goods while avoiding costly technical complications.

If you want to power your app with bitcoin payments or need help with your Alby account, reach out anytime. We are here to help.