Monthly Alby Buzz: Alby podcaster wallets for

Monthly Alby Buzz: Alby podcaster wallets for

Dear Alby Community,

This is the sixth edition of the monthly Alby Buzz

In this edition, we cover:

  • Alby podcaster wallets for
  • Alby AMA on Stacker News
  • What’s new in Alby
  • Tipping Tuesday Campaign & Collab with LN Markets
  • Block your calendar

Alby podcaster wallets for

We are pleased to announce a new partnership with; the leading podcasting platform that manages the hosting, distribution, analytics, and monetization of podcasts. Alby is helping to bring into the world of Value 4 Value by enabling Bitcoin payment streaming via the Lightning Network.

Alby offers full Bitcoin Lightning wallet functionality via an API that allows users to link their wallet account and enable podcasting 2.0 payments. Podcasters now have the ability to:

  1. manage their podcast feed with and automatically add the podcast:value tag
  2. start accepting bitcoin payments (i.e. boosts) and messages (i.e. boostagrams) over the Bitcoin Lightning Network
  3. conveniently see the wallet balance and the number of received boostagrams on the dashboard

Read the full announcement here

Alby AMA on Stacker News

Alby was invited for an AMA with the community at Stacker News. You can check it out here and if you happen to have any unanswered questions or have any feedback you can share them here.

It was a thoroughly enjoyable discussion, and some wonderful questions that required deep understanding and introspection were asked. We decided to put them all together in this blogpost.

What’s new in Alby

v1.12.0 🌈 Euro - Dollar parity edition was released with several new features and changes:

  • Satoshi amounts are now displayed in fiat currency. (Or you can use Alby as your convenient BTC/fiat conversion rate calculator). No worries a Bitcoin-only version is in the making.
  • Did you notice the different colors of the Alby icon in the browser bar? We wanted to make it more obvious for you that a website has Bitcoin Lightning implemented. Let us know here if the colors help.
  • You can now export the LNDHub wallet credentials and import the wallet to Zeus for instance.
  • Stack Overflow is now Lightning enhanced with Alby and your Lightning Address. Check out this video.

Thanks to all the contributors and special thanks to the Summer of Bitcoin crew!

Tipping Tuesday Campaign & Collab with LN Markets

If you follow our Twitter page you will see every Tuesday we do the  #AlbyTippingTuesday. There are so many great places to discover where the Alby extension can be used.

Alby brings bitcoin to the web by allowing you to send bitcoin over the Lightning Network to websites and many other social media platforms with a Lightning Address or a meta tag. Due to password-less logins, 1-click payments and instant withdrawals users can interact seamlessly with websites.

Enter: #AlbyTippingTuesday, we created this campaign to showcase how Alby can be used to build the bridge between users and Lightning apps. Over the last weeks, participants have been rewarded with sats, discounts and other gifts for using Alby on Wavlake, and LN Markets just to name a few.

Would you like to collab with Alby? Would you like your project to be featured in, or as a user do you have any ideas you would like to see be included in one of our #AlbyTippingTuesday? Please do reach out to us, we are open to any collaborations or ideas.

Block Your Calendar

Alby is invited to Adam Curry and Dave Jones´ Podcasting 2.0 show on Friday, the 5th of August. The show is LIT (i.e "streamed live" for all who are not yet familiar with the latest developments and abbreviations in podcasting).

That’s it from the hive for this month. For more, visit our website and follow Alby on Twitter. And please keep sending your feedback on the feedback board, big or small, feature request or bug, we pay attention to them all.